To Tweet or Not to Tweet? #2

So it’s been a few months now since I started using Twitter…  And I find I’m not your typical Twitter user – or maybe I am and just don’t realize it 🙂

My goal with Twitter is to creep!  I’ll admit it…  I really enjoy watching the conversations that YA authors have on Twitter – it’s really quite amazing!  You can learn alot about their online personalities.  As my daughter says – Twitter has just enabled us all to become stalkers – think about it…  scary eh?

I also LOVE it when YA authors acknowledge you – like EEK!!!  They read my tweet and are replying – really?  Yes – I’ve had it happen three times now and I’m shocked every time.

I don’t tweet too often – I guess I’m still struggling with what to tweet.  I find there’s such a link between how folks use Twitter and Facebook – that I guess I’ve chosen Facebook to showcase my “persona” and I’ll stick to “creeping” on Twitter.

So – how do you use Twitter?  I’d love to hear and learn from you all….



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