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I may not be an MLIS student anymore and I don’t work in a public library and with YA services, but my interest remains strong.  I work with young adults in a University Library setting and many of the professional links I’m going to try and capture here – I believe academic librarians and public librarians could equally take advantage of.

So…  in the interest of collaboration – if you find a link or a resource that you believe fits in here send me an email and I’ll add it in.


Teen Reference Service

This page was created to fulfil a requirement of the Young Adult Services course at FIMS (W10).  The goal of this page is to design a pathfinder for teenagers –  compiling free, online reference resources that correspond to each of the main Dewey classes.

To access free resources within the following categories, select the category link of interest.

Since the Dewey top level classification groups are very broad, resources for all the subcategories were not included.  The presented resources were selected based on my interest.  Also note that the assignment required annotations for at least two resource entries for each category, I elected to annotate them all with the exception of the dictionaries and thesauri.


Media Literacy

Media Literacy is a growing field in both the Library and Educational fields.  Please visit my Media Literacy page to peruse the resources I’ve put together.

What is Media Literacy? Fiction, Non-fiction and Online Resources

If you happen across this section of my blog and find any errors, omissions or broken links, please let me know.  If you find this section useful and find a link that you would like to see added, please leave me a comment or send an email to


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