700 – Arts and Recreation


Art cyclopedia

Website that has information on 9,000 artists and 140,000 links to additional artistic sites.  Art cyclopedia contains brief histories on the artists along with images of their works.  A search engine allows you to search by name, title of the work, or by art museum.  A great comprehensive site!

Springfield Township High School Virtual Library

A great site that contains “Copyright-Friendly and Copyleft Images and Sound (Mostly!) for Use in Multimedia Projects and Web Pages”.  A great site to refer students to who are seeking out images for projects.


An online museum featuring a variety of artists and their works.


The Internet Movie Database

A comprehensive website that looks at movies in theatres, on the TV, on DVD and upcoming releases.

Jam Music

A Canadian music website that contains headline news about music stars along with the top Canadian music hits and albums.

Based on the Book

A website maintained by the Mid-Continent Public Library that links movies based on a book with the book.


The National site where you can search for programs offered by the YMCA along with the locations across the country.


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