900 – History and Geography


BBC – Ancient History

This site provides an in-depth look at the ancient civilizations including: Egyptians, Greeks, British Prehistory, Romans, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Ancient India and other Cultures.  Overviews, sites, and general information is provided on each of these civilizations.

Canada in the Making

This Canadian site is based on historical government documents that walks you through the history of the Canadian Constitution, showcases aboriginals and their origins and looks at the pioneers and immigrants to our country.  Canada in the Making will lead the reader to Canadiana.org.

Ontario History Quest

A site maintained by  Toronto Public Library, Ontario Government, Archives of Ontario and the Toronto Archives that provides information on Ontario’s history, looking at the people, their struggles and their triumphs.  The site includes digital images from 1820-1850, 1890-1920, and 1945-1970.


The Atlas of Canada

A great site hosted by Natural Resources Canada that links Canadians with the geography and environment of their country.  Maps, digital images and information on topics ranging from climate change to the interaction between the economy and geography are included.  A great resource to student and teacher alike.

National Geographic Expeditions

A wonderful and beautiful site that provides printable maps of all countries around the world.  The site is primarily geared towards instructors providing lesson plans and activities, but is a great resource for students for maps.

Exploring the Environment

Another geographic site geared more towards the teacher and instructor but holds beautiful pictures of sites with varying environmental aspects.  By selecting modules and puzzle pieces you are linked to information on the given topic.


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