The Girl in the Wall by Daphne Benedis-Grab

GIrl_in_the_Wall Yeowsers! Kept me on my toes and feeling very anxious!  Another awesome, awesome read!  I was so worried when I asked for a number of books from NetGalley and was accepted for them – I never thought I’d be able to read through them but when they are winners like The Girl in the Wall what was I worried about?

It’s been awhile since I’ve read a story with 2 perspectives, in this case, Ariel and Sera.  It was very well done and I love how we were able to see the 2 sides to the situation they were in AND the 2 sides to their personal conflict!  So what happened????  Sera and Ariel were bet friends until THE event – then Sera was treated as if she was dropped off the face of the earth.  On Ariel’s 17th birthday party, things go wrong, VERY VERY wrong, and it’s really up to Sera to save Ariel again.

This was a fast-paced story that NEVER let me go.  I still cannot imagine half of the things that happened really happening – but in this day and age – anything’s possible.  Sorry for the vagueness but I don’t want to give away too much of the plot – because that’s what makes this a great story!

Highly recommended
Ages: 14 and up

Favourite quote(s):

Yes another one where I didn’t capture any quotes – I was so taken in by the story that nothing popped out at me.

Benedis-Grab, Daphe. (2012). The Girl In The Wall. Merit Press.  NetGalley

Author website:


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