Entangled by Nikki Jefford

Entangled A very interesting story…. and one that got really good near the end.  I’m sorry but it really took me a LONG time to get really interested in this read.  It started off a bit slow by showcasing the 2 individuals and then BOOM! the switch was done – but I was kind of left dangling – really unsure as to what was happening for a long time.  Then the storyline did get more interesting for me – but it only REALLY picked up near the end and I’ll admit that the ending just kind of ended.  I was hoping for more and it never happened.

Yes it was funny when you thought about how one twin could really mess things up for the second.  How 2 identical twin sister could be SO different…  It was also a really neat opportunity for a sister to learn more about her twin.  Wonder whether all twins would like to be able to do 🙂  It’s also scary how one sister can have so much control, fear her twin and well…  don’t want to add any spoilers here – but those that have read it know what I mean…

I’m learning that as I read more I learn what really drives me as a reader.  While reading this particular book I realized that I need that mystery and intrigue and I need it right near the beginning to really keep me going.  I also realize that once you create that mystery/intrigue I really need you to drive it in order to keep me interested and curious.  I did enjoy the premise behind this book but it really didn’t keep me as intrigued as I was hoping it would.

A nice read.

Favourite quote(s):

Now isn’t this awkward – nothing popped out at me as I read through this.  Ah it happens more often than I realize – when I look back at my reviews.

Jefford, NIkki. (2012). Entangled.  eGalley from NetGalley
Author website:  http://www.nikkijefford.com/


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