Celtic Run by Sean Vogel

Celtic_Run Oh WOW! Read this in one sitting!  Loved it!!!  It grabbed me during the first few pages and just never let me go.  Doesn’t fall into the genre that I’ve been reading lately – but just loved it!  Mystery and action and an all-round wonderful story!

Three young adults head over to Ireland for the summer on a school trip – to find their heritage.  What they find is a treasure hunt!  Yes very much like the Indiana Jones as Julie kept saying in the book.  But there was just so much more to this story – 2 young lads really coming into their own.  Jake who experienced a terrible loss and is struggling to find his life again – desperate to go back to the good times he had with this Dad.  Zach, who we later discover, is also struggling, with a strong father with very strong opinions of what his son WILL do. Their experiences throughout the summer teach them so much and I had so much fun running around the Irish countryside with them.

The story was an adventure where the kids went on a treasure hunt, were hunted down by the bad guys and encountered a lot of fun roadblocks along the way.  I think what I really enjoyed about the book was the happy ending!  Love it!!!

A fun and lovely story.  Will be keeping my eye out for more 🙂

Highly recommended
Ages: 12 and up

Favourite quote(s):

“Grabbing a cart, Jake tore through the store.  He ran up and down the aisles as if he were a contestant on that old Supermarket Sweep game show…..” (p.98)

I have to add here that this quote brought back a lot of memories for me – sitting on our couch with my first newborn….

Celtic Run. A clan saying.  It means ‘a good run is better than a bad stand.’ ”   (p. 126)

Really enjoyed how the author defined the title of the book for us!

Vogel, Sean. (2012). Celtic Run. MB Publishing. Netgalley.
Author website:  http://www.seanvogel.com/


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