Far From the War by Jeffrey David Payne

far_from_the_warMy first review in a LONG time!  And what a great book to start with again!  Yes it has taken me a while to read this one – but it is not because of the book it is for many other reasons!  Every time I picked up this book to continue reading it – it was SO hard to put it back down.  Let’s see in a nutshell what is it about?  Imagine the United States going to war with itself…  and 17-year-old Esther is caught smack dab in the middle of it.  We first meet Esther when she leaves her home on Orcas Island, safe, sound and away from the true realities of life.  She’s been accepted into the Page program and moves to Washington, DC.  Here, she develops real friendships and slowly discovers that her life’s aspiration of becoming a politician may not be the path she wishes to follow.  Then all hell breaks loose and the US divides into 2 factions and Esther decides she wants to go home.  Unfortunately the war seems to follow Esther and makes going  home a very difficult and at time impossible task.  Along the way she matures and learns so much about humanity and the world she lives in.

I have to admit that when I first started this book I thought there’s no way this will keep my attention – well by golly there’s nothing further from the truth – I had a hard time putting this book down.  The pace of the story was fast and I was always anticipating the next step in Esther’s adventure.  I also didn’t realize that this was the first in a trilogy (hmm…. seems I’m always attracted to trilogies) now I am desperate for the second installment.  Cannot wait to see what happens next – and NO I’m not going to spoil anything here 🙂

Highly recommended
Ages: 14 and up

Favourite quote(s):

” Her father looked at her and smirked.  “Esther, so you even know what a hippie is?”
“Sure, some dude who looks like Jesus and acts like he’s French”.  (p. 2)

“… You don’t have to understand it right now.  Just remember it.  Understanding comes later.”   (p. 211)

Payne, Jeffrey David.  2011. Far From the War. Roche Harbor Books, Seattle, WA.

Author website:  http://www.rocheharborbooks.com/rh/jeffrey-david-payne/