Where have I been?

WOW!  or rather OOPs!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog.  Shame shame shame!  Well I am still reading YA books just at a slower pace it seems – life got in the way.  I know I’ve said that before but this past year and a half has been a tough one and it seems like when I think I can handle it all – someone pulls that carpet from under my feet again.  But that’s ok – the fall is getting shorter and shorter and recovery is quicker 🙂

So despite my lack of posting I am AMAZED that this blog is still being read and that I continue to receive requests for reviews! WOW!  So awesome!!!  I’ve accepted a few and have been slowly getting to them!  My goal is to get back to this – because it was an activity that I truly enjoyed!  And I’ll admit I truly miss the camaraderie of the book-blogger world!

So I’m back!  I’m looking forward to touching base with many of you again – and very excited about posting some of my reviews of books that I have read in the past year or so – ok I’ll probably keep them short but I’ll try to get them up there!

Happy Blogging everyone!!!