What U Lookin At? by Bea Turvey

I usually don’t read short stories – heck I didn’t realize this was a short story 😦 But it was a great one! The saying that comes to mind is: “Short, sweet and to the point!”  OK this story is far from sweet – but it was short and very much to the point.

I’m not going to summarize the story here – you can visit Smashwords to read it.  I just want to say it’s a poignant story and short enough to encourage teens to read it.  Will it affect them – I really don’t know – but on the chance that it will affect 1 or 2 in a class of 30 – it’s worth it.  It’s harsh in spots but it needs to be.

I definitely recommend this short story – but only to the older readers.  But then again…  when we’re dealing with the topic of bullying – what is old and young?

Turvey, Bea. (2011). What U Lookin At?  Short Story.  Published by Bea Turvey at Smashwords

Author website: http://canwritewillwrite.com/Bea_Turvey.html

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