Catalyst: The Passage of Hellsfire Series, Book 1 by Marc Johnson

What a great story! Not my usual read – but boy did I got hooked!! A great story about how a young lad from the poor countryside, destined for greater things in the land of Alexandria overcomes so much to reach his true destiny – to become a Wizard!

I was just contemplating why I really liked this story – and you know what I came up with?  It’s a fun and intriguing story – very much like the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series….  All three of these series share one thing in common:  magic – which I LOVE!  Yes deep down I’ve always believed there is some sort of magic out there – call me foolish – maybe it’s the kid in me still wanting to believe 🙂  Catalyst is such a wonderful and easy read about Hellsfire, how he was bullied as a young kid, really who wouldn’t be with a name like “Hellsfire”? …  how he discovered his power and how he overcame the odds to meet Master Stradus and Cynder.  It was refreshing and fun!  Yet…  I’ll have to admit that yes I cried my eyes out at the end – read it and you’ll figure out why…

I’m definitely looking forward to the next book in this series.  With 2 months to go – will Hellsfire reach his destination and what will become of the Princess???  Got me wondering 🙂

Highly recommended
Ages: 12 and up

Favourite quote:

I had so much fun reading this that I didn’t keep a watch out for a quote…

Johnson, Marc. (2011) Catalyst: The Passage of Hellsfire Series, Book 1. Smashwords Edition.

Author website:


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