“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”

I’ve heard this saying many a times in my life but never really believed in it.  I’m here today to say YES!!!  I agree!  I’ve been absent for a while…  Life has thrown me what I’m calling 2 major curveballs and I’ve been working through them.  One was a direct hit and the other hit a close family member…

I’d like to say that reading has helped me but alas it wasn’t the first thing I went to.  I actually ended up playing mindless games on my iPad – yes I know…  Michelle you can learn and escape by reading…  but playing these games was what I needed.

My goal is to get back to my reading – feels like I’ve missed so…  much in the past 2 months!  So many new books out there that I’ve been waiting for and so many ebooks that I’ve promised I’d review that I haven’t gotten to yet.  If you’ve been waiting for one of these – my sincerest apologies.

So here’s to reading!!!

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