Dael and the Painted People by Allan Richard Shickman

Dael and the Painted People is the third installment in the Zan-Gah series and it continues to intrigue me. In this book we follow Dael as he leaves the Ba-Cora and goes out into the wild. Sparrow, feeling like an outcast in the Ba-Cora tribe, feels a need and a compulsion to follow Dael into the unknown. Throughout their travels they develop a relationship and find the Red Painted People.

I really liked this book because of all the different lessons that I caught throughout. Dael walks into this new community, is welcomed with open arms and struggles with the kindness they receive. Sparrow on the other hand feels like she’s home for the first time in her life. As they work together to become active and valued members of the community, Dael unknowingly creates a very powerful enemy, Schnurr, the local shaman, and finds love with Sparrow.

How the characters evolve is fantastic! I do wonder though, whether the demographic to whom this is directed will appreciate the characters and story as much as I did.

I want to thank Earthshaker Books for providing this book


Ages: 12 and up

Favourite quote(s):

“Maybe it was always so, she reflected. The person you loved would not love you back. Maybe the only love that mattered was the one that grew slowly, slowly took root, with neither mate caring too much at first.”        p. 5

“Seared by experience to a knowledge of the world and himself, he awaited events with no hint of his habitual ferocity. Formerly so certain that any path on which he set his foot was the right one, he was forced by the traumas he had sustained to reexamine things that once he was sure of.”        p. 28

Shickman, Allan Richard. (2009).  Zan-Gah and the Beautiful Country. St Louis, MO:  Earthshaker Books.

3 thoughts on “Dael and the Painted People by Allan Richard Shickman

  1. Thank you for your very positive review. I too have worried about the “demographic” of the audience. It is difficult to target that group, considering that one 12 year old is sometimes a move advanced reader than another 15 year old. I do assume that my readership has grown since the first Zan-Gah book, and am very wary of underestimating my bright young audience. My experience is that kids can read what they want to read. Besides, I am secretly hoping that their parents and teachers will like the books of this series too—and lead the youngsters along.

    A. R. Shickman

    • I couldn’t agree more with you – the diversity in reading skills and interest is amazing. I never cease to be amazed by this – and have noticed remarkable differences between my kids and their friends 🙂 And I suspect there are more parents out there reading these books than we’ll ever be aware of.

      Thanks again!

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