Guess who we almost met in the bookstore tonight?

Oh my goodness!  I tell you there are days where I wish I was a little bit more confident and outgoing.  Why do you ask?  Well I’ll tell you…  My daughter and I stopped at our local Chapters tonight – I knew there was a book that she wanted, The Hidden by Jessica Verday and I wanted to pick up Bargains and Betrayals by Shannon Delany.  We’re browsing the YA section, which was moved because of renovations….  and well there’s this tall gentleman talking with one of the staff members, telling stories and signing books.  We stuck around and I tried so hard to figure out who he was without going over and asking…  He signs all the books that are available and leaves.  The salesperson leaves to help someone else, but a couple of minutes later she returns and I just had to ask.

It was Eric Walters!!!  Ah…  I should have said something!  So..  you know what I did – yup! bought one of the signed books 🙂  And now I know that next time I’ll be a little bit more outgoing and ask directly.  I talked to the salesperson who said he does that – stops in every once in a while and signs all of his books in the store.   Like WOW that’s just great!

I have really enjoyed all of his books to date – I should say all of his books that I’ve read so far.  So…  which book did I buy?  Beverly Hills Maasai – the Sequel to Alexandria of Africa which I absolutely loved.  And I can’t wait to finish my current books to read this one!


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