Misfit by Jon Skovron

I really enjoyed this book but it really didn’t fit into the type of books that I’ve been reading lately.  Yes, it is a YA book and yes it is fantasy – but it didn’t have all that teen angst and teen drama that I’m so used to.  To be honest it was kind of refreshing to read a story without all that drama (although I do enjoy reading my drama 🙂 )

Jael Thompson, finds out on her 16th birthday that she’s a half-breed, human and demon.  She learns that her mother was a demon and that well…  the demons in Hell hate her and want her dead.  This also explains why she and her father have been moving around so much during her childhood – to keep the demons at bay.  It was a story – or think of it as a fairy tale.  It was the type of story that I wanted to see it through till the end – so find out what happened next.  There were no cliffhangers per say but I personally needed to know what would happen to Jael.

I haven’t done any research as of yet – but I suspect there may be more stories about Jael.  The author did a nice job at introducing the possibility that there may be more than just Belial searching for her – there are 4 more Dukes that would like to see her done away with. So I’ll be keeping my eye out for those.

This book trailer may be a but old – in that it is a holiday trailer it does give you a little inkling to what the book it about.  enjoy!

Ages: 14 and up

Skovron, Jon (2011). Misfit. Amulet Books.  Advanced Reader’s e-proof from Net Galley.

Author website:  http://jonskovron.com/


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