The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

This is one of these books that has been in the house ever since it was released – because my daughter absolutely LOVED The Iron King and as soon as it was released – well..  we had to have it.  I know we have a copy of The Iron Queen here as well – now to find it.  As some of you know – my daughter and I have similar reading tastes but it’s come to a point where she’ll hide the books that she’s read from me until she’s read the entire series!  I mean really!  That’s just not fair!  Somehow I was able to sneak this one in 🙂

And I really enjoyed it!  I’ll admit I enjoyed The Iron King a bit more – but I think that was because the whole concept of the book really grabbed me and spoke to me.  With the Iron Daughter – I just loved the back and forth of the relationship between Ash and Meghan.  Again I so LOVE that Ash is the prince of the Winter Court – whereas so many other Faery books have Ash or Aislinn as a female – Nah…  I like the dark, brooding, good-looking male characters 🙂 I feel bad for Puck – but really you don’t let her know who you are for how many years?  how can you expect Meghan to have the same feelings?  A little harsh – sorry…

I so love the very strong characters in this book: the Iron Horse – so enjoyed his return 🙂  Grimaldin – I so enjoy his nonchalant attitude about everything!  Don’t know if you could write this story without him – he’s such a HUGE part of everyone in this series!  And of course, Meghan, Puck and Ash…  Ah….   Cannot wait to find The Iron Queen in the house now to see what happens next.

Highly recommended
Ages: 14 and up

Favourite quotes:

“….Of course not, healers don’t rest.  They can just drink one of their special potions and stay up all night, for days on end, ready to jump at every emergency that comes banging on their door at five in the morning!”                    p. 278

Kagawa, Julie. (2010). The Iron Daughter.  Don Mills, ON: Harlequin Teen

Author website:


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