Catching up today…

I know I’ve been trying to hold everyone’s attention by posting a little blurb here and there – and yet not really getting back to blogging.  Well…  you know how life can throw you some curves every once in a while – maybe they happen to test who you really are or what you’re really made of – who knows…  but it’s always great to know that you can always turn to a book and there’s another adventure out there that you can lose yourself in.

So…  that’s what I’ve been doing – despite my lack of blogging this past month or rather summer – I’ve been reading and I’m so excited to share with you some of these awesome, awesome books I’ve been reading.  I’ve got 3 to write about here – so my apologies for doing these all together – but if I don’t get them off my plate now with so many books on my TBR I may never get them up.

Thanks for hanging in there with me and here’s to some great books!


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