Blood by K.J. Wignall

Just finished this one today and another fabulous book!  As I’ve noted before in a past post – I think I’m drawn to trilogies and series.  And yes 9 times out of 10 I don’t even realize the book I’m reading is the first in a trilogy or series.  Hmmm…  makes me wonder though – would I have started reading some of these books had I known?  And yes it also goes to show you all that I don’t really look carefully at the first few pages of the Galley or Book – since had I looked it clearly states Blood:  Book One of the Mercian Trilogy.   Doggonit!  I need to read more carefully! or maybe I’ll continue on the path I’m already one – because this was another one of those great books!

I’ll admit I had my reservations at the beginning – another vampire story!  But heck! it seems I’m picking really awesome vampire stories – they’re never the same!  You know you listen to people around you – in the bookstores or your kid’s friends and YES! they’re still going on saying things like – Oh another vampire story!  They’re all the same!  Suck blood fall in love…  yada yada…  But hey guys!  I’m here to tell you that’s ALL wrong!  You must be reading the wrong books – because I have yet to read another vampire story that is set like the Twilight series!

So…  enough of that rant – Blood is about William, a vampire who really doesn’t know what he is – he only knows what he needs and what happens to him.  He’s 750 years old and continues to return after each hibernation with a sense that he needs to reclaim his family name and honour, without knowing how to go about this.  This time, when he wakes, things are different…  he encounters Jex who appears to know something about him, then Eloise, whose destiny is somehow linked to his.  Will feels that somehow he may find the entity who bit him and gave him this disease and discover what his true destiny really is….

As I stated earlier, another great book – the unknowns and the way we were led into each scene was great!  I was never left going Oh no…  not again – this was an entirely new approach to vampires and I loved it!  The mystery part of this story was awesome as well.  The ending leaves me with more questions which I love!  Ok I hate it too…  but it was very well done!  Now I know that there are a few more forces at play here than I originally suspected and am dying to know where they take us!  So bring on the next book in the Mercian Trilogy!

Ages: 14 and up

Favourite Quotes:

“The more that’s known about the world, the more people seem determined to search for what is lost or hidden.”                    p. 10

Wignall, K.J. (2011)  Blood: Book One of the Mercian Trilogy. Egmont USA. Advanced Reader’s e-proof from Net Galley.


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