Back from our trip to Nova Scotia

Yes we did it!  A beautiful, fun and rather relaxing 10 day trip to visit family and friends in Nova Scotia.  I’ll admit I was nervous – travelling with my 2 teenaged girls on our own – oh the situations I imagined 🙂  and lo and behold it was fantastic!!!  No bickering and a really fun time for all of us.

What this meant though…. is no reading – yup!  I was too busy with catching up that I opened my book one night only – and only managed to read about 10 pages before falling asleep.

Looks like I have a bit of reading to do this week.  Oh – but wait!  I did find an awesome surprise though!  One of our trips was to Brier Island, NS – where is that you may ask – well…  it’s on the tippy-tip on Nova Scotia.  In any case…  while I was there checking out the gift shop I found a young adult book entitled Lost on Brier Island by local Nova Scotian author, Jo Ann Yhard.

Looking forward to catching up on the Blogs this week!  Have a great week all!





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