A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies

Oh my goodness! Once I started this one I could NOT put it down.  The only thing stopping me from reading it in one session was work and those darn life interruptions 🙂  This was a fantastic read!  A story where I had NO idea what was really happening until the end!  Just the way I love it!!!

Skye turned seventeen and well…  her life changed.  I know you’ve heard that before – but think about it – what 17-year-old’s life hasn’t encountered life-altering or a change in direction?  I’d dare you to name one!  In any case…  Skye’s parents were killed when she was 6-yrs-old in a car accident and she was adopted by her Mom’s best friend, Aunt Jo.  On her 17th Birthday, she meets 2 new guys, Asher and Devin, at her surprise birthday party.  She then realizes that they seem to be following her or stalking her at school and everywhere she goes.  She soon learns who they are and what they represent.

I love the way Skye tries to reason which side to go with…  order vs. chaos.  But is order and calm what everyone really wants, needs and believes in?  You’ve got to read A Beautiful Dark to truly understand the difference between order and chaos in the realm of “angels”.  The ending was a shocker!!!  and there had better be another book here!!!!!

Highly Recommended
Ages: 14 and up

Favourite Quotes:

“This was like something from the nature channel: wolves trying to mark their territory.  Finally Ian picked up the crumpled bill and begrudgingly made change.
Well, I never asked to be marked.”               p. 46

“Rules created order – and order created calm.”              p.  58

Davies, Jocelyn. (2011). A Beautiful Dark. HarperCollins Publishers. Advanced Reader’s e-proof from Net Galley.

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