The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney

This was a great surprise read!  I happened across it at our local bookstore – loved the cover – along with the back write-up found it to be intriguing enough to bring it home.  Well…  It was great!!!  And yup…  it’s the first book of a trilogy – I guess I kind of knew – but the book ended nicely there was no big “hook” to get me all riled!  It was great!  There are definitely a few questions I have – but I’m sure they’ll be answered in the next 2 books 🙂

I really enjoyed the author’s explanation as to where the story came from too.  It is based in mythology and the links to different sources are again wonderful!  So…  what’s is about?  A “freak”!  That’s what Donna always considered herself and that’s what her peers saw her as.  Her Dad was killed saving her and her mother has lost her mind.  She lives with her aunt who is trying to raise her so that she will embrace her place in the Order of the Dragon as an alchemist.  However…  Donna isn’t so sure about her place in the Order much less about her beliefs…  One weekend, her best friend Nav convinces her to go to a party – and well… that’s where everything changes.  She meets Xan, the town “bad-boy” and host, and finds that she has a connection with him.  The two of them explore this connection and find themselves working together and venturing into the World of Faerie to save Donna’s best friend Nav.

Ok I’ve probably said too much – but it was a great story!  As I’ve already mentioned I was very surprised – in a great way of course 🙂  So I’ve just checked out the next book – and it’s called The Wood Queen and due for a February 2012 release…  looking good!

Ages: 14 and up

Favourite quotes:

“How did guys do that – manage to seem so at ease with themselves and the world around them?”         p. 152

Mahoney, Karen. (2011). The Iron Witch. Woodbury, MN: FLux.
Author website:


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