Falling Under by Gwen Hayes

Another awesome read!!!  Yes I fell in love with that cover, checked out the little blurb and thought what the heck!  Ok – there was a great deal going on at the bookstore too – else I probably wouldn’t have bought this nor The Iron Witch.  And boys oh boys I would never have known what great books these are!

So it must be official now I REALLY enjoy these paranormal type stories.  This is not an exception!  This is the first though that I’ve read about a “demon” – you know in the TV show Charmed sense.  It was fabulous!  This was one book that I carried everywhere so I could finish it!  It’s about a 17-yr-old Theia who lives by her father’s strict rules, plays violin, has someone buying her “prim and proper” clothes, doesn’t go out…  you know the type!  Well… one night she wakes up to see a burning man fall from the sky.  She’s sure she’s dreaming – but runs outside to check – nope – not a dream – it’s real….  But how can that be?  The next thing she knows – is that every night in her dreams she’s going out meeting someone seeing outrageous sites and experiencing weird and wonderful things all at the same time.  Then HE starts coming to school – Haden.  So now she meets Haden, in the Real world and in the Under.  This is a fantastic story about true teenage angst and true love!  Throw in some demons, bony skeletons and you’ve got an awesome story!

Highly recommended
Ages: 14 and up

Favourite quotes:

” ‘Sneetches’ was what we called the in-crowd at school, the haves as opposed to the have-nots.  We named them from a Dr. Seuss story in which the Star-Belly Sneetches, who were born with a green star on their bellies, thought they were better than all those who had no green star – or in this case green money.”            p. 13

“… – but I thought of all the times in my life I’d held back my first impulse and instead behaved the way I knew Father expected.  I never saw a banister that didn’t trigger a wish to slide down it – though I had never allowed myself the fun.  The things I refrained from saying, the dreams I’d tried to keep from forming – it was exhausting sometimes to be the opposite of what felt so natural.”            p. 157

Hayes, Gwen. (2011). Falling Under. Toronto, ON: Penguin Group (Canada).
Author website:  http://www.gwenhayes.com/

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