Dangerous by Kelley Armstrong

For those of you who have read the Darkest Powers trilogy will love this!  Chances are you’ve already read it 🙂  What’s terrible is I don’t remember how or where I found this…  I guess the proper term would be a novella?  It gives us a bit more insight to who Derek really is and how he became part of Simon’s family.  It was a great read!  Ok I loved the whole series so it would be really tough for me NOT to like this one.

What’s it about?  Well – Derek and Simon.  It takes us back to the beginning…  we learn about Derek’s earlier “childhood” and how Simon’s Dad adopted him.  The story is a great lead in to the Darkest Power trilogy – in that it gives us the background or rather it takes us through the day where Simon and Derek’s Dad disappears and it also introduces us to Lyle House.

This is a definite must for those of you who have read or planning on reading The Summoning, The Awakening, or The Reckoning.

Favourite Quotes:

“…. (Dad) says you can’t explode at someone and bounce back, expect everything to be okay.  I didn’t see why not.  I wasn’t mad anymore.  He knew I got moody and didn’t mean to blow up, so I should be able to say sorry and go back to normal.  Apparently no one else sees it that way. …”         p. 75

“You can’t just make decisions like this based on a feeling, an opinion.”         p. 87

“Welcome to Lyle House, boys,”  she said, and ushered us inside.            p. 107

Armstrong, Kelley. (2010). Dangerous. Downloaded from… Sorry this is terrible – I should really know 😦

Author website:  http://www.kelleyarmstrong.com/


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