Right Side Talking by Bonnie Rozanski

A wonderfully written and surprisingly suspenseful book.  The description provided to me by the author really intrigued me:

Imagine that you are a young girl with intractable epilepsy. As a last resort you submit to an operation to sever the connection between the two sides of your brain. Though the operation successfully reduces your seizures, you are left forever with two separate minds: left and right, each unaware of the other.

Imagine further that while recovering in the hospital, you witness a murder. Your dominant left brain cannot recognize unfamiliar faces, and is, therefore, unable to identify the killer. Your right brain can, but is unable to speak. Gradually, painstakingly, the right learns to spell out its thoughts in scrabble letters. At long last, on a table in a hospital lab, you describe the person who committed the crime.  Too bad the killer is reading that very same message.….

Right Side Talking is a thriller that will grip the reader from its opening surgery scene to its dramatic courtroom climax. Its cast of characters: a 15-year-old epileptic; a brilliant surgeon; an unlicensed, resentful doctor from abroad who must work as an orderly; a grumpy, relentless detective, and a feisty psychologist Finally, most fascinating of all, there is the human mind itself.”

Can you honestly tell me that that doesn’t grab you?  It was well worth the read!  I love a great mystery – and even though we knew who did it all along – it was great how the author took us through this maze of Anna’s brain and how it could and couldn’t help with the trial.  It was a fabulous read!

Yes you could call me biased – I love to read novels by Canadian authors and novels that are set in the Canadian environment.  Right Side Talking is set in Canada and Bonnie Rozanski does a wonderful job brining a very difficult topic to light.  The whole concept of coming to Canada from Kiev to live the better life is a real one and I think a tough one to deal with.  It was really tough to watch Mischa take matters in his own hands while firmly believing that he was owed something.  A great job!!!

So…  you’ve already read what this story is about – all I can add to this is that I really did enjoy the book and yes I would recommend that you give it a shot!

I also have to say a BIG sorry for taking SO…  long to read and review this book!  Once I started though I couldn’t put it down!

Ages: 14 and up

Favourite quotes:

“This was supposed to be the promised land.  If you worked hard, you could accomplish anything.”             p. 21

“Wide-eyed at the bustle in the station:  the noise of telephones ringing, accusers and the accused arguing, the overripe smell of deli sandwiches, pickles and pizza, she swept through the room in the wake of Detective Sapirstein.  Her mother, who accompanied her, white with fear and snuffling into her handkerchief, kept a terminal grip on Anna’s sleeve, as if to prevent her from being sucked away from her into a like of crime.”         p. 67

Rozanski, Bonnie. (2011).  Right Side Talking.  Received by the author.

Find out more about the author on Goodreads.


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