Lost Voices by Sarah Porter

Oh my goodness!  It has been a while since I read this book!  I completely forgot to write a review – My Bad!!!  But you know, even though access to the NetGalley has expired (which means I can’t add the fun quotes I had) the story is still with me.  Lost Voices was a very poignant and touching story.  It starts off with us watching 14-year-old Luce walk home along the cliffs in Alaska.  She encounters a baby in the water, tries to save it while calling the local town’s attention.  She struggles over the next few days – and one evening while walking home is assaulted by her uncle and is left to die on the cliffs before falling into the ocean.  In the ocean she finds a new family – mermaids – and at first embraces her new life but then struggles with the cost of her transformation.

As I read this story I was so touched and drawn in.  Quite often I sit back after I’ve read a book and wonder how the title fits in – in this case it was so integral – but you really didn’t catch it until you’ve made the connection between who can and who cannot become a mermaid.  They all have a connection – they’ve been hurt or damaged by the people they love the most – their parents or guardians.  So in essence they’ve lost their voices.  It was a beautiful and heart-wrenching story all at once.

Highly recommended

Ages: 14 and up

You all know I LOVE book trailers – so here’s the one I found for Lost Voices….

Favourite quotes:

Well…  because I forgot to write this review and it was a Galley – I no longer have access to the quotes I highlighted…  Sorry…

Porter, Sarah. (2010). Lost Voices. Digital galley obtained from NetGalley. Publisher: Harcourt Books.


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