Theodore Boone by John Grisham

Well you’ll find this a bit funny…. I didn’t even know this book or this series existed until my Mom mentioned it to me…  Yes you read that correctly my Mother!  I’m not a big John Grisham fan or rather I don’t really like his lawyer/court drama type books.  I did however really enjoy his A Painted House novel – so I guess some of his works appeal to me but most do not.  In any case, my parents enjoy his books – so my mother came across this book, the first in his YA series.  She read it first before telling me about it 🙂  and then told me that she absolutely loved it and that I should read it.  So…  guess what I started when I was at the cottage?  You got it – started reading the first Theodore Boone book.

Overall, I enjoyed it!  But as with many of this books that I’ve tried reading in the past – it took me quite a while to get into the book.  I can’t explain why – but it seems to move too slowly in the beginning for me.  However, about 2/3 of the way through…  well…  that’s when I couldn’t put it down.  This poor little Theo managed to get himself involved in the BIG trial in Strattenburg by just being himself and having the trust of his classmates and friends.  It was quite fun to watch this little 13 year old be the friendly neighbourhood lawyer.  Anyone who thought they needed any legal advice knew that Theo could help them out.  It will be interesting to see where John Grisham takes this character.  The second installment in the series, The Abduction is already available – actually it’s sitting at my parents’ cottage – soon to make the trek back to Guelph 🙂

Theodore Boone is the son of 2 lawyers: a divorce lawyer and a real estate lawyer.  So law has become his passion.  Theo has already decided that he wants to work in the criminal court system when he grows up.  His classmates and adult friends ask Theo for advice on a regular basis on issues from getting the dog out of the pound to saving a friend’s parents’ house.  Theo is also very well connected in the town’s justice system and has learned how to access most information within the courthouse.  The Big trial arrives in town where Peter Duffy is accused of killing his wife.  Little does Theo realize that he will play a major role in this trial.

As I noted earlier  it did take me a while to get into this book – but once I did it was tough to put it down.  I will be reading the second book in this series before I determine whether I will continue with it or not.


Ages: 12 and up

Favourite quote:

Well this is one of the few books where I didn’t find a quote – could have been the way I read this book – but nothing really jumped out at me…

Grisham, John. (2011).Theodore Boone: Half the Man, Twice the Lawyer. London, UK:  Hodder.

Series website:


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