Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder

What a beautiful and heart wrenching story! I’ve been putting this one off for a while thinking that the storyline just wasn’t going to grab me.  But Boy oh Boy!!!  was I ever wrong!!!  I fell into the classic – “judge a book by its cover!”  Well this will teach me!  This was such a beautiful, beautiful story!  Yes I cried my eyes out!  Sitting on the back deck for the whole world to see – but I didn’t care I had to follow through with Brooklyn and Nico.

A year ago, January 1, Lucca, Brooklyn’s boyfriend and Nico’s brother and best friend died in a car accident.  For both Brooklyn and Nico, their worlds were changed forever – each holding their own demons.  As time passes, each of our characters begins to venture down a road marred and haunted by Lucca and his best friend, Gabe who just died – he drove the car where Lucca was killed and is suspected of committing suicide.  Nevertheless….  Lucca and Nico are thrown together and despite their own demons struggle with letting each other in.  This is an absolutely beautifully written story about the loss of love & friendship and the struggles held by those affected by the loss.

This story was written in verse and is so fitting!  So easy to read and I know I’ve said this before but there’s an added “something” to putting the story into verse.  Can’t put my finger on it but it just seems to add so.. much to the meaning behind the story.

Highly recommended

Ages: 14 and up

Here’s the Book Trailer – if you’re not convinced by my review to read the book let’s see you how feel after watching this!

Favourite Quotes:

Ok it was REALLY REALLY tough to narrow my favourite quotes to one.  Realistically I would call the whole work my favourite quote 🙂  However…  for the purposes that I set out for this section of my review I will list one that did touch me:

“The twins ask me
to play Chutes and Ladders
before they leave tomorrow.

Moving across the squares,
climbing the ladders for good deeds,
sliding down the chutes for bad ones.

When I land on the square
and slide down the longest chute of the game,
Matthew says,
“I hate that one.
Sorry, Brooklyn.”

Everyone hates that one.
It’s the square nobody wants to land on.
But it’s there.
And when you land on it,
you slide down,
practically to the beginning,
and all you can do is keep going,
wishing and hoping,
for a ladder to push you back up.

As I think of that,
I realize losing Lucca
was my chute.

After that, I gave up,
so sure a ladder would
never show up.

When it’s my turn
I roll the dice.

I’m not giving up.”          p. 366-367

Schroeder, Lisa. (2010). Chasing Brooklyn. New York, NY: Simon Pulse.

Author website:


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