Haven by Kristi Cook

You can tell that I’m torn between the “real-life” type stories, like the Sarah Dessen books and the paranormal area.  To be honest if I had to choose one of these “genres” I don’t know which I’d choose – I love them both.  So I’m trying to mix it up – once I finished Sarah Dessen’s What Happened to Goodbye I looked at my TBR pile – trust me I have a real pile of books beside my bed – and saw Haven by Kristi Cook sitting there.  I remember buying this a while back but never had the chance to read it – so…  here was my chance.  And OMG!!  I loved it!!!  Very different from the “real-life” type stories but so so great!

Violet has always looked at herself as a freak – she has visions and has tried to warn people who she saw in the visions only to be rebuffed and ignored.  So…  after the death of her father, her stepmom gave her 2 options:  move to New York and find a school to attend nearby OR stay in Atlanta with her maternal grandmother and companion.  After reviewing all the school pamphlets, Violet was drawn to Winterhaven.  First night and day at Winterhaven had poor Violet very confused, but she soon realized and learned that Winterhaven was a “Haven” for “freaks” just like her.  Kids with all sorts of “talents” lived and schooled there.  The one thing she did not expect was to fall in love with Aidan, a very unusual student at Winterhaven, one who disappears for hours on end, who is able to move swiftly from place to place and one can read and speak into Violet’s mind.  Their unique relationship leads Violet and Aidan to learn the dark secret of their headmaster while learning who they truly are to each other as well.

A wonderful, wonderful, and fun book!  Had me guessing page after page.  Just when I thought I had things figured out – whoosh there went that carpet from underneath me.  I love an author who can put a new twist to a species of “monsters” that hasn’t been covered yet and make it totally believable.  I mean, really – a vampire with a beating heart?  Love it!!!  This was Kristi Cook’s debut novel and after looking at her website – I’m soo…  excited to hear that there will be more books in this series.  I can’t wait to see where they’ll take me.

Highly recommended

Ages: 14 and up

Favourite Quotes:

Oh no…  another one – I got so wrapped up and pulled in by the “Aidan effect” that I have no quotes for this book – sorry…  But do read it!  You’ll understand!

Cook, Kristi. (2011).  Haven.  New York, NY: Simon Pulse.

Author website:  http://kristi-cook.com/


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