The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong

When is the next one coming out?? That was the first question on my mind when I finished this book… If you go to Kelley’s website you’ll see that it’s not due until 2012 – tentatively April and there’s yet to be a cover design.  Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!!!!  Why do I do this to myself?  I should know better than to read a book where the following book is yet to be released…  knowing beforehand that there’s a BIG chance that I’m going to love the book!  Oh YES!!!

I mean really…  how can you leave us hanging the way you did?  Just NOT fair!  Let’s see can I protest in any way?  Is there anything I and you can do to get the next book The Calling released any earlier?  Like…  um… tomorrow?  Ok I’ll stop going on – but it’s going to be a LONG year waiting for this one 😦

This is just one of those books – got me the first chapter and never let me go.  Took me a day to read it – so that MUST tell you something!  The story is set on Vancouver Island, in a little town called Salmon Creek, about an hour from Nanaimo.  The real funny thing here, is that I was just in Nanaimo earlier this year and I could easily envision the roads Kelley refers to and I could imagine the shops downtown and the Harbourfront.  That always adds another dimension to my reading if I can “see” where the plot unfolds 🙂  Sorry…  I’m weaving away from the plot again…  So…  the story is set in Salmon Creek, a community built by a research company and built to keep their employees very happy and not wanting or needing anything.  The teens seem to have everything they need…. but when Serena, swim team athlete, drowns in the local lake, her best friend Maya vows to learn how this happened.  However..  Maya gets side-tracked along the way with the new bad-boy Rafe, who makes her fall for him and leads her down a path to learn her true heritage.

I know I love the paranormal stream of stories and this is one of those unique stories where you’re really not sure where the paranormal aspect comes in.  You’re left with glimpses of it here and there in the book and by the end you’re wanting more!  so much more!

Highly recommended!

Ages: 14 and up

How many of you will still not pick up this book after you see this trailer??

Favourite quote:

“It’s like my love of nature.  Some people say it’s because I’m Native, and I know they’re not trying to stereotype me, though sometimes I really wish I was into model airplanes instead.  I love animals and yes, I’m Native, but as my teachers would say, correlation doesn’t imply causation.”       p. 70

Armstrong, Kelley. (2011). The Gathering.  Canada: Doubleday Canada.

Author website:


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