Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan

So if you’ve been staying with me you already know I’ve been a little conflicted about this book.  And just to clarify it’s not the “gay”ness portrayed in the book – I think it’s the directness and maybe the rudeness of it.  I think the New York Times Book Review captures my thoughts the best “Funny, rude and original”.  I do believe those three words describe this book so very well.  As I was reading it I found myself wondering about the content – I mean is this in any way a true reflection of what teen boys go through?  I have NO idea – I have girls at home 🙂  There was another statement made at the end of the book during the conversation between the two authors that really struck a cord with me as well (in a good way) – how this book dealt with a teen living with depression – it wasn’t dealing with the story of how he got there – which was another really cool aspect of this book.

So – what was it about?  Well…  we have a really strange situation where we have 2 teenaged boys with the same name bumping into each other in Chicago one night.  We have Will Grayson, who has been left behind by his friends because his fake ID had the wrong birthdate on it (can you imagine ….  paying for a Fake ID that misses the age cutoff by a year 🙂 )  itching to use his ID and enters a Porn shop to prove that he can use a Fake ID.  At the same time have another will grayson – who met a wonderful guy online and can’t wait to meet him for the first time in person at a special meeting place…  you guessed it at the same Porn shop.

Unbenounced to both Will Graysons, their lives will become intertwined by Will Grayson’s best friend Tiny Cooper.  The two really don’t interact in the story but it is very interesting how the two lives are so closely linked.  The two learn alot about themselves and really mature – in my opinion.  I just LOVE the ending!  oh yes – did I mention that there is a musical in here?  I know, I know – how crazy is that?  But it’s there!!  and it’s beautiful!

As you may already know I read most of this book on my flights to and from Vancouver, BC.  There were parts of the book I really hoped my neighbour couldn’t see….  and then of course, sappy me…  ended up crying like a baby with the ending!  And I’ll tell you I never… in my wildest dreams… did I expect to cry with this book – it was…  really…  um… rude and direct for most of it that I never saw the ending coming !  Brilliant!

So – did I like it?  Yes and no!  As I mentioned earlier there were parts that shocked me!  Maybe that’s why I struggled so long with it?  But now that I’ve read it – I understand why it was shocking!  Heck I think it needed to be!  And yes – there parts that were hilarious!  Now the big question is would I recommend it?  and to whom?  YES I would recommend it…  BUT to older teens.  I would also suggest that this book could be read or viewed as an Adult Fiction book as well.  Now having said that…  how many of my friends could I see reading it?  Probably those that have teenagers today!

Highly recommended

Ages: 16 and over

Here’s an awesome Clip from John Green about Will Grayson, Will Grayson – FANTASTIC!!!

Favourite Quotes:  WARNING – Foul Language!!!

“moms don’t need to hear that kind of shit from their kids, unless they’re doing something really wrong.  like smoking in bed or doing heroin, or doing heroin while they’re smoking in bed.  if my mom were a jock guy in my school, all of her jock-guy friends would be saying, ‘dude, you just need to get laid.’  but sorry, geniuses, there’s no such think as a fuck cue. a fuck cure is like the adult version of santa claus.”           p.  66

“tiny doesn’t just sing these words – he belts them.  it’s like a parade coming out of his mouth.  i have no doubt the words travel over lake michigan to most of canada and on to the north pole.  the farmers of saskatchewan are crying.”         p.  144

“when things break, it’s not the actual breaking that prevents them from getting back together again.  it’s because a little piece gets lost – the two remaining ends couldn’t fit together even if they wanted to.  the whole shape has changed.”         p. 174

Green, John and David Levithan.  (2010).  Will Grayson, Will Grayson.  Toronto, ON:  Speak.

Author websites:


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