Lure by Deborah Kerbel

Yes I LOVE Canadian YA authors! And if you’ve read my posts you know I also LOVE a great ghost story. Put these two loves together and what you get is another fabulous story by Deborah Kerbel.  Ahh….  and to think I could drive a little ways east of my home and check out this house myself…  may take a bit of convincing to get my daughter to join me – but you may see me out in Thornhill this summer 🙂

So – what is this book about?  Well…  it’s written from 2 perspectives – Max, a lonely 16-yr-old boy who just moved to Thornhill from Vancouver and just doesn’t seem to be fitting in, and John, a lonely ghost with a story to tell.  (did you notice it’s written from 2 perspectives – yup – another favourite of mine – Max talks then John talks).  In any case, Max gets lured by Caroline and her dog Peanut to visit 10 Colborne Street, the local Library branch.  He starts coming to visit every Wednesday morning and gets drawn in by the ghost stories Caroline has to tell him.  Well without giving away too much of the story one thing leads to another and to another and well….  you have to read it!  Then there’s John, the lonely ghost.  He spends his time telling us his story – how he spends his summers with his cousin William in Thornhill – learning his father’s trade and fishing on the weekends.

When I started reading this book – you know I love the 2 perspectives – but it did take me a while to figure out how these 2 views were ever going to come together.  I envisioned reading this book like the letter Y.  The right side of the top of the Y is John’s story and the left side of the top is Max’s story – and then they join in a very fascinating and scary way!  I was shocked and amazed at how the characters were all related in the end of the story – it was fantastic!!!  So is there anything else I can tell you to convince you to read this?  I think not!

Ah…  you know I enjoy Book Trailers – I found 3 for Lure check them out:

Here’s Book Trailer #1 – not my favourite…

Book Trailer #2 – I think this one may be my favourite..

And… Book Trailer #3 – I like this one too 🙂

Highly recommended

Ages: 12 and up

Favourite quotes:

” ‘Smoke bad for you?  Ridiculous, woman!  I breathe the smoke from the coal fire all day and I’m as strong as an ox. …’ ”     p. 30

Transgression.  That word had always possessed a strange power to make me feel guilty – the sound of it was like a priest breathing down my neck. ….”        p. 70

Kerbel, Deborah. (2010). Lure. Toronto, ON: Dundurn Press.

Author website:


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