Premiere – On the Runway by Melody Carlson

Premiere – On the Runway by Melody Carlson was the second of two books I was challenged to read for the NYHA 2011. This is my review of the story – please stayed tuned for Holly at Book Harbinger and my evaluation of this and our first book, Tall Story to decide which moves onto the second round.

We’ve all heard of reality TV right?  I’m sure many, if not all of us have watched a show or two?  Ok I’m sure many of us don’t really want to admit we’ve watched these shows – but we all know what these are?  Well…  this is what Premiere is all about.  Imagine helping your mother out on her TV show one day and taking things too far – criticizing what people are wearing?  Worried that you’ve put your mother’s job at risk but ending up with an offer to host your own Reality show?  Now really….  how “unreal” is that?  Well it happened to Paige and Erin Forrester.  Two very different sisters, only 11 months apart, different interests and very different personalities – Paige, very beautiful and outgoing and Erin, quiet, shy and prefers to stay behind the camera.

Learning what one can do and cannot do while working with Reality TV stars was a tough lesson for both Paige and Erin to learn.  Putting their own show in jeopardy by overstepping unseen boundaries was an eye opener for Paige and gave Erin the opportunity to show her older sister that she can look out for her.  This was truly a story about sisters – how they grew together by experiencing a very exciting yet very difficult situation.  In the end, Paige and Erin learned from each other and learned about each other.  Having never read any of Melody Carlson’s books before – I’ll be looking to read more about Paige and Erin in the next books in her series.

The one aspect of this book that I was a bit weary about was the “Christian” twist.  However…  the topic of Christianity was introduced and dealt with in a very unassuming manner.  I was worried that it would be a “in-your-face” scripture and bible content, but it wasn’t.  I actually enjoyed that aspect of the story.  It was very pleasant to read a book where it fit and the author used it to build the characters rather than driving home a point or message to the reader!  Thank-you!

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Ages: 14 and up

Favourite quote:

“Okay, I don’t even want to talk about Twitter.  I’m so not into that.  I mean, seriously, why is everyone out there babbling about everything?  Sometimes I wonder what would happen if all our cell phones, IMs, emails, and all that just vanished.  Would everyone go nuts, or would we learn how to just have a normal conversation?”        p. 80

Carlson, Melody. (2010). Premiere – On the Runway.  Grand Rapids, MI:  Zondervan

Author website:


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