XVI by Julia Karr

Imagine living in a world where at the age of 16 all girls are tattooed and essentially made available for sex.  WOW!!!  As a mother of teenaged girls – I can’t imagine!  But…  that’s the world that Nina lives in!  Nina’s world is a tiered society – where higher tiers live better lives and lower tiers tend to struggle.  When girls turn 16 they’re also lead to believe that there are opportunities to join an elite group, FeLS, and be trained to do greater good and marry into the higher tiers.

Nina and her stepsister, Dee, live with their Mom, and were raised to be self-sufficient and to think on their own – not to be swayed by current government regime.  But when their Mom was killed, everything Nina believed in gets turned upside down.  Her father, whom she believed died shortly after her birth is alive and now she needs to find him.  And – the boy she just met and saved from a group of “Athletes” is the one person who can help her.

I hope I didn’t give too much away up above – but this was a truly great story.  There were things in this story that paralleled today’s society and yet there were some futuristic concepts that I would love to see come to fruition.  It’s a great story and I highly recommend it to folks 14 years and up.

Favourite quotes:

“Anything.  I’m an unlocked text chip.”  She grinned at me.  “Dad says people used to say, ‘I’m an open book.’  But hardly anyone reads books anymore, since they’re all on chips or downloads.”       p.  155

“…The Governing Council insists that people rely on conventional forms of medicine.  Disease and pain are big business.  Media makes a fortune advertising cures, all the while filling people’s minds with fear of the very diseases the doctors claim to heal, which cases the very illnesses people are afraid of getting.  It’s a vicious cycle that lines the pockets of health care providers and drug companies.”        p. 272

Karr, Julia. (2011).  XVI. Toronto, ON:  Speak.

Author website:  http://juliakarr.com/


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