The Dark and Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan

Ask me if I’m happy this trilogy is over?  My answer would be…  I’m really not sure.  Of the three books – I think my favourite has still got to be The Forest of Hands and Teeth.  Maybe because it was such a different type of zombie book – my first!  And…  I think the relationship between the four “founding” friends really got to me.  I really enjoyed the second book The Dead Tossed Waves – but I think I lost a little bit.  Who was who and how they were all related – and this loss that I experienced carried through for this last book.  I was able to make a few more of the connections – but I’m still a bit confused and lost.

Now having expressed my confusion – I adored the relationships again in this book.  I don’t know…  Carrie Ryan just has a way of capturing the intricacies of a relationship and is able to twist and turn them in such a way that grabs me and just never lets me go.  I was devastated when Elias left Annah and chose Gabry – but as I continued to read – I found myself falling for Catcher and hoping that things would work out my way 🙂  Wonderful!  Absolutely lovely!!!

Have you guessed that even though I may be confused about the flow of the 3 books, I love each one of them individually and recommend them all!!!  Now you know there’s an extra piece to this story – and I haven’t had the chance to read it yet – but I’m planning on it!!!  It’s called Hare Moon and it’s a prequel to The Forest of Hands and Teeth.  Check it out on Carrie’s Blog.

Highly recommended

Ages: 14 and up

Favourite quotes:

“They pile on top of each other against the walls – they’ll push any barriers down.  A horde that big…  it’s like pouring the ocean into a jar except the island is the jar. …”      p. 77

“Sometimes life isn’t about the end,” he finally says. “It’s not always about tomorrow and the day after that – what we achieve over the years and how we leave the world.  Sometimes it’s about today.”               p. 176

Ryan, Carrie. (2011).  The Dark and Hollow Places.  New York, NY:  Delacorte Press.

Author website:


2 thoughts on “The Dark and Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan

  1. I’ve just started this. I’ve been saving it for when I had some free time to devout to it, and now I’m all confused. I really can’t remember who all the characters are and how they fit together….do you find anything that told you?

    • Hey Katie! How are you doing? To answer your question – nope not really – I just kept reading and eventually I was able to connect a few dots – but it was confusing 🙂

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