Bliss by Lauren Myracle

OMG!!!!  It’s been a while that I read a mystery-thriller…  I’m not sure that’s how folks would classify this book as a mystery-thriller, but if I had to give it a name and describe it – that’s what I would call it.  I was hooked after the first chapter!  The mystery that surrounds this whole story was awesome!  I’ll admit that it took more than half the book to figure out who the initials SLL were, but once I figured it out – I was just creeped out with what this individual was doing.  I guess once I knew who it was I started viewing this individual very differently.  I wonder whether that’s what the author had planned all along.

So…  what’s the story all about?  Well…  Bliss grew up on a commune with “hippy” parents and after contracting an illness is dropped off at her Grandmother’s house.  Now she’s being raised by her Southern grandmother and is being sent to a private school, Crestview.  Bliss has always known she had a “gift” and it becomes very strong at the Crestview, where rumour has it a girl killed herself many years ago.  As Bliss learns how to make friends, she finds herself getting involved with a very interesting situation that nearly ends her own life.

I’m not going to say anything else – if you like mystery and don’t mind getting a little bit of that creepy feeling – you’re sure to love this book.  I do have to say one thing that I really didn’t like about this book was the ending!  I was left feeling unfinished – or rather I feel like I’ve been left dangling.  The story came to an end?  I’m just not so sure.  If you’ve read Bliss I would love to hear what you thought about the ending.  Maybe I missed something???


Ages: 15 and up

You know I love Book trailers 🙂 so here’s the Bliss book trailer:

Favourite quotes:

“What is ‘power’ anyway?  Power is an ego trip.  Power is a way to raise yourself up by lowering others, and I want nothing of it.”     p.77

” It’s like a metaphor for life:  No one wants an ornery old goat, but we can’t resist opening the door anyway.  We can’t keep from hoping.”       p. 131

Myracle, Lauren. (2008). Bliss. New York, NY: Abrams.

Author website:


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