The Fifth Rule by Don Aker

Yes I’m totally biased 🙂  When I find a book that is written in Halifax I have to read it!!!  I spent most of my childhood in Lower Sackville, one of Halifax’ suburbs – well I think we can call it that.  In any case, I love reading a book where I can clearly see the roads and buildings so I can place the characters in my “known” world.  And this book met all my expectations…  it was great!!!  Only problem is that after finishing it and reading the author’s notes did I come to learn that The Fifth Rule is a “sequel”.  Now the big question – um…  do I go back and read The First Stone or not?  I didn’t need it to read this one – but do I know too much now to read the first one?  If anyone out there has read both of these books please let me know….

Reef Kennedy did the unthinkable two years ago, nearly killed Leeza in a moment of rage.  He was tried and sent to North Hills Home where Frank Colville – really taught him how to become a valued member of society again.  In the 2 years since his ordeal, Reef has finished his community work and continued it in an effort to help other young offenders.  He’s made quite the impact on a number of young people’s lives.  But a day doesn’t go by when he doesn’t think about Leeza…  Leeza has spent the last 2 years trying to forget the accident and the betrayal she felt from Reef – but really hasn’t begun to live her life.  With an overprotective mother, she can no longer move without her consent.

With the death of Frank Colville, Reef returns to Halifax to pay tribute to his mentor and avoid causing any more harm to Leeza…  but fate has other plans.  The two try desperately to stay away from each other for their own reasons – but the selfish actions of an individual vying for a political career end up forcing them together.

Boys I hope I didn’t say too much about the story – it’s fantastic!  I really love the way one chapter is Reef then the next is Leeza.  How their two lives are so closely intertwined until they meet again.  Awesome writing!!!  Never let me down for a moment!

Highly recommended

Ages: 14 and up

If you want to take a peak at this book visit Browse Inside by HarperCollins

Favourite Quotes:

“There is always so much she doesn’t know about people.  So mush she admits she understands but really doesn’t.”    p. 89

Experience has taught me that winning is a completely arbitrary concept.  The only thing that truly matter is the last man standing.”      p. 164

Aker, Don. (2011).  The Fifth Rule. Toronto, ON: HarperTrophyCanada

Author website:


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