Afterlife by Claudia Gray

Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!  Another GREAT ending to a series!  I always wonder whether a book that I loved when I first read it that turned into a second, then third, then a series can ever end in a satisfying way.  I’m here to tell you that Claudia Gray met and exceeded my expectations!

This series was unique from the get go…  Just when I thought I had figured one thing out – BANG – there’s a twist and when I caught onto that string – BANG..  another twist.  They just kept coming and coming.  Well Afterlife continued in that vein.  Just when I thought I had Mrs. Bethany pegged – there comes Christopher’s story.  Awesome!

So…  I’m ranting and raving about how great this book was – what was it about?  Well…  in a nutshell it encompasses the story of how Lucas and Bianca continue to fight for their love.  Oh that sounds so corny…  so let’s add in a few wraiths, vampires, some parents who now cannot stand the sight of their children, the fear of rejection and death&life.  Can you tell I’m not going to say too much 🙂  This is one of these books that you’ll just have to read and trust me that you will not be disappointed and if you are – I’d love to hear why.

I have to tell you one small story though…  I had the last 2 chapters left to read last night – and I hopped onto twitter just to see what’s up.  And of all the twitter feeds I read was one that was RT that almost gave away the whole ending in less than 15 words.  I was a tad upset and extremely curious – so despite the late hour I HAD to finish the book last night – and NO I don’t regret it at all.  Now ask me how I’m feeling round lunchtime – if I’m still awake 🙂

Highly recommended

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Favourite quote:

“We can always hate that which we loved, and with a fire as great as our love once was.”          p.244

Gray, Claudia. (2011). Afterlife. New York, NY: Harper Teen.

Author website:  Author website:


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