0.4 by Mike Lancaster

If there’s only one book you read this year – make it this one!  A truly scary book – in a way that leaves you questioning the possibilities…  I have to tell you first why… I picked out this book.  Between my daughter handing it to me and the WARNING on the front page – I had no choice!  Here’s a snippet of the WARNING:

“This data storage unit, or ‘BOOK’, has been designed to reprogram the human brain, allowing it to replicate the lost art that was once called ‘READING’.  It is a simple adjustment and there will be no negative or harmful effects from this process.” . . .   How can you turn that away?

There are so many facets of this book that I love.  The first one is the way it is written – a transcription of cassette tapes found in the future with little insets of how different people have interpreted the cassette or the passage.  The way one tape ends and another begins…  the author is actually the editor of the story – wonderful way of handling this cool and innovative story.  I guess the second aspect of this story that I love is the whole concept of it…  Hmm…  what can I say without giving away bits or pieces of the story?  Um…  not very much!  Let’s say that it really resonated with me, left me wondering…

Check out this book trailer – it’ll give you a bit of an insight to the contents of the book…  Please do read it!

Highly recommended
Ages:  14 and up

Favourite quotes:

“I guess I have always believed that grown-ups have all the answers.  They behave as if they do.”      p. 83

“NOTE – ‘eel of jealousy’ …. LeGar, however, points to  a fragment of a text called Stargate SG-1 which suggests that a parasitic creature of this type may have been present within certain individuals.”          p. 90

“…Peter Parker, who was a librarian, not Spider-Man…”        p. 166

Lancaster, Mike. (2011). 0.4 It’s a Brave New World.  London, UK:  Egmont.

Author website:  http://www.mikealancaster.com/


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