The Agency: A Spy in the House by Y.S. Lee

Ah…  A fun mystery…  I’ve always loved mystery novels.  They do have to grab me and keep me for the whole story though.  And of course, the “piece de resistance” of a perfect mystery is not knowing “who done it” till the very end.  The Agency met all my expectations and was absolutely fantastic!!!

I know ….  I’ve complained in the past that I don’t like starting a book and then learn that it’s the first in a series.  Well…  I knew The Agency: A Spy in the House was part of a new series before I read it – so I knew what I was getting into from the start.  But that didn’t stop me – I really was hoping that this book and hopefully series could live up to my expectations…  and by Golly it did!!!

Mary Quinn was set to be hung as a thief when she was saved by the Miss Scrimshaw’s Academy for Girls.  There, she learned who she could be, that women are not limited to be a wife and mother, they have options.  As Mary progressed through her studies, she yearned for more and was invited to work for The Agency. Her first assignment lead her to discover a little of her past and challenged her emotionally.  The who dunnit part…  well I’m not about to get into that 🙂  and yes  I didn’t know who dunnit until the end – fabulous!!!

I definitely plan on reading the next installment in the series:  The Agency: The Body at the Tower.

Tsk tsk tsk…  Did you know that Y.S. Lee is Canadian?????  I missed that – so sorry!!!

Highly recommended

Ages: 12 and up

Favourite quote:

“Building sites are so tempting to beggars and mudlarks, you know… They think it’s all treasure trove.”     p. 262

“…Marriages are complicated beasts,” …  “The number of apparently devoted husbands and wives who’d like to kill and dismember their ‘better halves’ is quite astonishing.”             p. 323

Lee, Y.S. (2011). The Agency: A Spy in the House.  Berryville, VA: Candlewick Press.

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