Now you know… that I’m losing it

So did anyone catch that?  I wrote about the same book twice!!  What to do about that?  I guess as the scientist and data geek I am – I could analyze my two posts to see if they’re similar or not.  I’m sure I said how excited and how much I loved the book in both posts -but what will be interesting (I haven’t reread my original post yet) is to see whether I gave away the story punchline or not in my first posting.

Oh I’m so sorry bout this folks – I’ll leave them both up and I promise to take a better look at what I have done and what I haven’t done 😦  I could blame this on my flaky internet access last night -but…  it really comes down to my scattery thoughts these past couple of months.

Thanks for hanging it there while I get this all straightened out…


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