Deadly Little Games by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Now that was a fabulous book!  Grabbed me from the start – but then again I am a big fan of the Touch series right from the first book!  In Deadly Little Games, Ben and Camelia are learning more about their touch powers, or rather Camelia is.  Right from the start – Camelia has been sculpting Adam…  and questioning why?  In Deadly Little Lies, Adam showed a keen interest in Cammie and came between her and Ben.  And now she seems to be obsessing about him again.  Ben is sensing that something is up as well and starts to keep to himself a bit more.  Leading them to a cross-roads in their relationship.  While Camelia is trying to understand her obsession with Adam and her relationship with Ben, her Aunt Alexia is getting worse.  During a visit with her Aunt though, Camelia realizes that the two of them share more than the family name – they also share their Touch abilities.  Like the first 2 books in the Touch series, the action and mystery keeps you on the edge of your seat and questioning everything that happens.  It’s just a hard to put down book!

Ok I’m hooked!  I absolutely LOVE this series and cannot wait for the next one, Deadly Little Voices, due this coming November.  What is next for Camelia and Ben?  and how does/will Aunt Alexia fit in?  Oh I can’t wait!!!

Highly recommended

Ages: 14 and up

I know I haven’t quite captured the mystery and fear that builds in this book – but this book trailer will give you a great sense of how you’ll feel reading this book!

Here are my thoughts on the first two books in this series:

Deadly Little Secret

Deadly Little Lies

Favourite quote:

Hmmm… looks like I didn’t grab one as I read the book.  A clear indication to how I got pulled into the book and couldn’t leave it.

Stolarz, Laurie Faria.  (2010).  Deadly Little Games.  New York, NY:  Hyperion Books.

Author website:

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