Mystify by Artist Arthur

If anyone has been watching my blog you’ll probably have noticed that I’ve been “reading” Mystify for a LONG time.  Well to be honest, I haven’t been able to give it the attention it deserved until the last couple of days.  It’s an ARC I received from NetGalley, so it’s been sitting on my Sony eReader.  And well – my eReader has been tempermental to say the least and I’ve been avoiding it.  But…  now that I’ve promised myself that I take a lunch break at work and I finished Tempestuous earlier this week – I thought I’d try charging and taking my eReader to work.  And by golly – my faith has been restored in my eReader and I’ve been able to finish Mystify!

Mystify is the second book in Artist Arthur’s Mystyx series.  I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Manifest, the first in the series.  Mystify is told from Sasha’s viewpoint and continues to take us on the adventure that this little group of teens, the Mystyx have been thrown in.  Neither of them is certain of their purpose yet, but they do recognize that they have at least two things in common:  a birthmark in the shape of an M and the second being that they each have a “power”.

In Mystify, Sasha learns that her power is the ability to astral project.  She figures this out haphazardly one night while she’s in bed thinking about Antoine, a black boy who lives across the tracks, and finds herself at a dance club with him but somehow she’s left her body at home in bed.  Sasha, is a supposed Richie, so someone her parents demand that she hang out with the “right” kind of people, do the “right” kind of activities, not someone who wants to date Antoine and who’s best friend since elementary has been Jake, a Trackie.  By trying to keep her parents’ demands in check she finds herself alienating her friends and Antoine.  However, the Darkness brings the four friends together and now the Mystyx needs to learn more about the Darkness, what is it, and how are they going to stop it and why?

Artist Arthur has done a wonderful job bringing to light or rather keeping the issues of discrimination in the forefront of a great story dealing with Good and Evil.  I love it!!  The Good vs. Evil battle has a different twist than most out there today – so definitely worth a read!


Ages:  12 and up

Favourite quotes:

“I’m hesitant, and then I’m not because I know I want to hug him.  And yeah, I probably want to kiss him, too.  Hormones are a bi-atch!”      p. 81

“The guys – three of them – all have on skinny jeans hanging off their butts to show their boxers.  Don’t ask me why this is a style.  It’s crazy to think that showing your underwear is cute.”            p. 118

Arthur, Artist. (2010)  Mystify.  New York, NY: Kimani Press.

Author website:


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