Tempestuous by Lesley Livingston

What a beautiful, fun, exciting and very satisfying end to this awesome Fae Trilogy!  Thank-you Lesley!  Kelley and Sonny – well it seems like they’ll never be able to have a true relationship.  First it was Kelley discovering her true heritage and then it was Sonny living through the Wild Hunt.  Now…  well let’s just say between the Green Magick and a brewing fae war – I wondered all through this book if it would ever happen.  And I’m NOT going to tell you whether it does or doesn’t 🙂

There’s something about Lesley Livingston’s writing that just keeps my attention.  I really enjoyed the switching between Kelley’s story and Sonny’s story – every chapter the views switched and just kept me wondering what would happen next.  I realized only with this book that this format was consistent in all three books.  It was great!  I’m also a “sucker” for  stories of the Fae.  I find that I’ve  also been drawing parallels between all the different Fae stories I’ve read.  Believe it or not there are links.  As an academic and researcher – oh I can see the potential for Sooo…. many research studies. Maybe I’ll try to tackle one before the year is out..

I guess the other thing that I just have to rant about for a couple of lines – Lesley is Canadian!  YIPPEE!!!!  YEAH!!!  Which I think is awesome!  There’s this silly notion out there – that Canadian authors are …  well…  not very exciting…  So NOT true!  There are so many awesome Canadian authors today – and many of them are Young Adult authors to boot.  So let’s get these books in the hands of our teens!  I’m trying in my household and with my kids’ friends 🙂  But I think we also need to somehow convince the larger book store chains to showcase our awesome Canadian YA authors.   When I went to our local Chapters – I had to search for this book in the shelves – it wasn’t on the middle showcase table.  Why I ask????  Personally I think it should have been front and centre!  Maybe sometime we can convince these stores to highlight our Canadian and Local talent.  Ok I’d better get off this soapbox – sorry….

Highly Recommended

Ages: 14 and up

Here’s the Official Book Trailer:

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Wondrous Strange


Favourite Quotes:

Multitask, kiddo, she thought.  But do it one  thing at a time.”               p.112

“No one ever knows!  Some things you just have to take on faith and believe in at the risk of getting hurt….. The fact that each and every time we believe in each other we take a risk.  Because we know that it might not be truth.  But we also know that it might be.”              p. 167

Livingston, Lesley. (2010)  Tempestuous.  Toronto, ON:  HarperTrophyCanada.

Author website: http://www.lesleylivingston.com/


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