After by Amy Efaw

I have to say right off the bat …  that it has been a while since I read a book that I could NOT put down!  A book where work actually got in the way of me being able to sit back and read this book.  Mind you I found ways 🙂  Another lunch break (for anyone counting here – that’s 2 days in a row that I took a lunch break at work – woohoo!!!) and an early bath and bedtime!  All this to say this book was so real, touching and grabbing (I’m struggling for a better word right now – it’s late…) that I had to find the time to allow myself to indulge and read it!

Oh yes, it was a very hard topic to read about, especially with teenaged girls in the house and so many friends in and out of their lives.  But a fascinating read!  Ok – so what’s it about?  Devon, a 15-year-old girl, a rising soccer star, honours student, respected leader, sought after babysitter and just your all-round super good girl….  gives birth to a baby and throws it out in the trash!  Boy that sounds so harsh!  But she doesn’t remember any of this – can’t comprehend what’s happening around her!  Yes, she’s charged with some horrific crimes and sent to live in Remann Hall, Pod D for girls – until the courts decide whether she should be charged as a juvenile or an adult.  The story is truly heart-wrenching and follows Devon through the first eight days of her life in Remann Hall as we watch her learn about herself and come out of her self-imposed shell.  Ugh – fantastic!!!

As I’ve mentioned above, although this is a harsh and very hard and heart-wrenching topic, on so many levels, I highly recommend this book.  And I would recommend it to both the teens and the parents!  Our kids didn’t come with manuals but I think sometimes we can use some of these books as guides.  I think my book is going to do a little travelling now amongst friends now 🙂

You know that I LOVE to add Book Trailers but this time I’m adding a video of the author Amy Efaw talking about her book After. Please enjoy as it gives you a perspective on what the book is all about and how it came about!

Favourite quotes:

“Lying in bed, not ready for sleep, instead staring up at the ceiling, watching the shadows lengthen until the room filled entirely with darkness.  It had started slowly, the pulling away from everybody.  And then her isolation became comfortable, then something she’d protected.  She’d get annoyed, sometimes angry, if someone tried to interfere with it.”       p. 245

Efaw, Amy. (2009) After.  Toronto, ON: Speak.

Author website:


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