Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien

Daughter’s homework over the Holidays = Watch The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and fill in a Hero’s Journey worksheet for Frodo and Aragorn.

And believe it or not – my daughter and I spent about 9 hours watching it on New Year’s Eve and still have 2 CDs left to watch.  I have to admit that this was a series that never really interested me growing up and yet many of my childhood friends read it.  Fantasy-type books were just not my cup of tea at that time.  Even now that I’ve rekindled my interest in the world of YA fantasy – I still never had the gumption or interest to read these books.  However…  when my daughter came home and announced that she had to watch the Trilogy for homework over the Holidays – we decided that we’d do our best to watch it – in between Eats 🙂  on New Year’s Eve.  Well…  we almost made it  and  I’m hoping to get to the last 2 CDs later today.  Not sure how my daughter feels about it though 😦

So what do I think about this trilogy?  Not sure yet…  A lot of fighting and I’m really not into “fighting” scenes.  Now I do have to ask myself – was there more fighting because it’s a movie?  and it was glorified?  Or were the fighting scenes in the book just as many as in the movie?  Guess I’d have to read the book to have a better appreciation of this aspect.  One thing I did appreciate about the fighting scenes was the attention paid to the “gore” level – it wasn’t as “gory” as I believe it would have been if it were remade today. A HUGE thank-you for this!

The characters – they really make the book and/or the movie – and I’ll admit that I REALLY enjoyed the key characters in this trilogy.  Their development from beginning to “near end” (since I haven’t seen the end yet) was great!  I suspect I would have been sucked into this book because of them anyway.  The one aspect that I really struggled with though was the feeling of disjointedness between all the different plots in The Two Towers.  I know that they’re all coming together now in The Return of the King – but there were times where I have to admit I was lost and found it really hard to keep track of where everyone was and what they were up to.

I’ll reserve final judgement on the Trilogy until I finish it – but as things stand now I’m on the fence – I really like the characters but there are parts of the actual plot that I’m still not 100% convinced about.  I’m also leaning towards saying that if we didn’t have to watch it – I don’t think I would have watched it on my own.  Mind you now that I’ve seen a good part of it – I am curious about the book(s) – but not sure whether I’ll tackle them – I have TOO many others on my list at the moment 🙂



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