Virals by Kathy Reich

Great book!  Met most of my expectations!  I love Kathy Reichs’ books – discovered them a couple of years ago and devoured everyone one of them…  Virals was a great read but I guess I was looking for more of the mystery and “sciency” part of it…  I don’t know can’t quite put my finger on the part that I was missing.  But please don’t get me wrong!  I still REALLY enjoyed the book…  I really wasn’t sure where it was going with the whole wolf-thing though – maybe I’ve read too many werewolf stories – but I really thought it was going there – especially with that Prologue.

Tory Brennan just happens to be the famous Temperance Brennan’s niece – and yes has many of her talents and natural-giftedness when it comes to science as well.  Tory only discovers after her mother’s death that she is related to Dr Brennan – but seems to really enjoy and relish this relationship.  Virals centers around Tory, Hi (short for Hiram), Ben and Shelton, four teens who live on Morris Island – a science outpost of the University of Charleston.  While catching up with the local wolf-dog pack on Loggerhead Island, the four teens find an old military dogtag which sets them off on an adventure of a lifetime.  While seeking the owner of the tag, they discover a secret lab, rescue its captive, and get involved in an old murder case.  I don’t want to spill any beans but I’ll let you know that these four teens are very resourceful and find themselves breaking a few laws of their own – all in the name of finding a killer.  It was a fun read!

Ok I’ll admit I’m just not too sure whether I’m going to read the next Virals book.  I guess when I think about it – it just really didn’t speak to me.  It had a different pace than I was expecting.  Darn those expectations!!!  I think this was my downfall.  I was expecting something and it really wasn’t there.  But… then again – maybe it will be there the next time around.  So I guess I’ll have to wait and see what the next one brings and decide then whether I’ll read it or not.


Ages:  14 and up

Favourite quotes:

“Confession.  I am a canine fanatic.  I love dogs, maybe more than humans.  Heck, no maybe about it.  After all, dogs don’t gossip behind your back.  Or try to embarrass you because you’re the youngest in your grade.  Or drive cars and get killed.”            p.28

I loved this quote because I think it summarizes many feelings that 14-yr olds really feel!

“We entered and crossed a brightly lit atrium to a help desk manned by a small, rat-faced guy.  Skinny, maybe thirty-five, he had black hair, oiled and razor-parted.  His brown sweater-vest covered a tan shirt hung with a yellow paisley tie. Brown corduroy pants completed perhaps the most boring ensemble ever conceived.”       p. 122

Can you guess what type of person/occupation is being described here???  Yup – a Librarian.  Hee hee hee…

Reichs, Kathy.  (2010).  Virals. Advanced Reader’s Copy provided by the Travelling ARC tour blog.

Author website:


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