Zipped by Laura and Tom McNeal

I know I know I said I was reading Virals by Kathy Reichs and Mystify by Artist Arthur – but I got sidetracked.  My oldest daughter has another HUGE pile of YA books she’s read over the years and I found myself drawn to Zipped earlier this week – and well couldn’t turn it off.

It’s not a fantasy story!  It’s a great little story about Mick who lives with his Dad and stepmother, Nora.  He’s fifteen going onto sixteen and starting to experience both emotionally and physically his newfound interest in girls, actually two in particular, Myra Vidal  and Lisa Doyle.  Myra turns out to be a sexy college student who befriends Mick and becomes like a big sister.  Lisa on the other hand, is someone Mick is interested in and learns how to befriend her.  All the while, Mick learns a dark secret about his stepmom that keeps him second guessing his relationship with her.  It’s a great story about deception and coming of age…. I just love how all the stories and characters are intertwined.  Each character learning a bit about themselves and who they are.  Absolutely wonderful…

It was a great and easy to read story.  I really enjoyed the titles of each chapter too…  Ok I learned a few new words as well 🙂  I would definitely recommend this book!  Fantastic read!!!


Ages 14 and up

Favourite quote:

“Foolish, he thought…. It was the perfect adjective for him, his father, and his father’s dreams, whatever form they might be taking in the buff-colored house under the nearly full moon in a room overlooking a finished, empty net.”     p. 84

McNeal, Laura and McNeal, Tom. (2003). Zipped.  Toronto, ON: Random House of Canada.


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