How do I follow thee… Let me count the ways…

Have you ever thought about all the different ways you can follow your favourite bloggers?  Well let me try to capture some of them…

Google Friends – cool little application that is available on Blogspot blogs…  Unfortunately unavailable on WordPress blog.  But what does this really do?  Shows the blogger how many people have added their names/avatars to their blog.  I’ve done this with a few blogs but I still have to remember to go visit them – they don’t come to me 😦  So this is definitely a blogger-side advantage.  I find it’s also used a lot for contests and book giveaways…

Email subscriptions – Now this is a feature that can be made available on most blogs.  Actually I just started this on my blog – I was undecided and had it available when I first started but thought it was a little scary to have people “follow” you and took it down.  Now that I’m more comfortable putting myself out there in the Blogosphere I figure what the heck let’s add the feature and see what happens.  And yes I’ve had people sign-up – YEOWSERS very exciting 🙂  What I really like about this method of “following” is that whenever the blogger posts a new post I get a copy of it in my email.  Fantastic!  It gives me all the content and the link to the blog in case I want to go visit.  And don’t forget the blogger can also see who’s following them – so win-win..

RSS feeds – When I was first introduced to RSS readers, RSS feeds and the such – I thought there’s just NO way I’m going to use that!!  It means I have to go to YET another website – yuck!  However…  there are just SO… many bloggers that I enjoy following that using Google Reader makes it so easy! One website and I can read ALL the new posts written by all the blogs I’m following.  However… downfall – the bloggers aren’t aware that I’m following them 😦  Wish there was a way to let them know…  But I love it!!!  and this by far is my favourite way of following my favourite bloggers.

I’m sure there are other ways – Oh I get one!  Adding your favourite blogs to your browser bookmarks.  I don’t know about you but boyz oh boyz…  would my bookmark page be huge!

So how do you follow your favourite bloggers?  Do you have another way? I’d love to hear about it.


One thought on “How do I follow thee… Let me count the ways…

  1. I actually add RSS feeds to my Google Reader to view them…if the Google Friends option is available, I use it for sure, but otherwise I choose to add all feeds to Google and then I can read everything in one place! It’s pretty much the only way I read an initial blog post, and then if I like it enough to comment, I go to the post itself 🙂

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