Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

Oh my!  What a great book!   I started this book thinking it would be your classic werewolf story – but boy was I wrong!!!   Yes it’s about wolves and teens – but I guess I would classify them as shapeshifters.  Ren and Calla have their lives already set before them, an arranged marriage, a merging of their two packs and a life of guarding their target.  Can you imagine – you don’t have to think about what you’re going to be or do and you know at a young age who you’re going to marry.   Good or bad?  Imagine this is what you’ve been brought to do so you know no different – then along comes Shay…  who makes Calla question everything about her life and her destiny.

I was drawn in right from the beginning of this story.  I really enjoyed following Calla from completely innocent in all respects of the word to an individual who was willing to take risks and venture out of her own comfort zone.  To see her learn about herself and her feelings towards both Ren and Shay was very well done.  The relationship between alpha wolves in a pack and teens in a school environment was believable – and if I think back to my high school years – yup I could probably identify the alphas of the different cliques around.

Well I’m sure you can tell by now that I really enjoyed this book.  But as I’ve noted in previous posts – this was another one where I didn’t realize it was the first of a series -ugh!  As much as I enjoyed it I’m beginning to wonder whether there are any books written today that are “standalone” stories.  Oh well…  guess it means I need to wait now for the next installment…


Ages: 14 and up

Here’s the official Book trailer:

Favourite quote:

Well I’m not going to add one this time around – since I’ve already highlighted a couple of teasers.

Please see..  quote 1 and quote 2

Cremer, Andrea.  (2010).  Nightshade.  Toronto, ON: Philomel Books.

Author website:


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