2010 Challenge wrap-up

So yes I’ve now been blogging for a year and 3 months – incredible that I love it so much and that I’m continuing!  I remember browsing other blogs over the Christmas holiday…  and that’s when I discovered this cool concept of Reading Challenges!  So – yes of course I signed up for a “few”.  Almost a year after signing up for all these Challenges I’m learning that well…  I need to check-in and wrap them up.  EEK!!!  I’ve managed to keep my own challenge posts updated but I didn’t realize I had to add them to the Challenge host blogs as well – duh!  So in an attempt to wrap-up my 2010 Challenges I’m going to use this posting.  So here goes…

A FUN challenge!  Maybe I’m doing this wrong – but rather than recreate the Challenge post please visit my Challenge page.  I had a lot of fun trying to match book titles with the categories – I think the one that may be questionable is the Title one.  I chose the word “Heir” as my title.  Not sure if that one really counts or not 🙂  But I enjoyed it and I’m taking it on again in 2011.  Stay tuned in to see how I do this year 🙂  2011 What’s In a Name Challenge

Hmmm…  Um…  I think I bit off more than I could chew..  OR I ended up buying WAY… too many books this year.  Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.  Ugh…  However, the minimum to read was 25 and guess what I’m sitting at 25 on the nose!  I’ll have to admit also that once I got my eReader I was more apt to buy eBooks…  I’m a great advocate for our Libraries and will need to reconsider purchasing this coming year.

Now this is a challenge I’ve definitely mastered!  I suspect I could easily reach 100 by the time December 31 rolls around.  Check out my list here! And yes if this challenge runs again – I’m in!!!

Graphic Novels Challenge 2010 – This was a whole new area for me!  Thought taking on a challenge that I would delve into this area.  Well…  I did read 6 which met my objectives for the Challenge but it didn’t really help me read more.  It’s still an area that just never really grabbed me 😦  Check out what I read! here

So another challenge I thought I’d try…  Well…  I know there’s still a month left – but I think I’m going to admit defeat!  I successfully read books that Met the criteria for all the categories but two:  Charity and Older than You.  Who knows maybe by December but highly unlikely. For the Charity category I agree with the concept but it just seemed that this year was either books from the Library OR more than likely books that I bought new or as an eBook.  Older than You – it’s not that I’m THAT old – but my tendency has been to read book that have been newly released so that really didn’t help me out here.  This was a TRUE challenge to me and I may try it again – depends on the categories 🙂  For now check what I read and how it fit into the categories!

I FAILED at this challenge!  I knew what books I was going to read but just never got around to them.  Love the concept behind this challenge and really thought I could do it but alas I could not.  Thanks so much to BookLust for hosting this!


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